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Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Follow the link above to discover your Spiritual Gifts.  Discovering your gifts will help you to serve God the way he designed you to serve him.  Once on this site you will need to click on the gifts assessment on the right side of page.

Passion Assessment

Finding your passion is important to ministering in your God gifted area. 

Passion Assessment


1.       Prayerfully consider your answers to the questions.

2.       Complete the assessment on your own.

3.       There are no right or wrong responses.

4.       Don’t be concerned about “whether” you can do it or “how” it can be done.

5.       Complete the assessment as if you have no obstacles to fulfilling your heart’s desire.



1.       If I could snap my fingers and know that I couldn’t fail, what would I do?



2.       The end of my life, I’d love to be able to look back and know that I’d done something about:



3.       If I were to mention your name to a group of your friends, what would they say you were really interested in or passionate about?



4.       What conversation would keep you talking late into the night?



5.       What I would most like to do for others is:



6.       The people I would like to help the most are:  (Circle all that apply)

Infants, Children, Youth, Teen Moms, Single Parents, College Students, Divorced, Career Woman, Parents, Unemployed, Prisoners, Widowed, Singles, Young Married, Empty Nesters, Elderly, Poor, Refugees, Homeless, Disabled, Hospitalized, Other__________________________________

7.       The issues or causes I feel strongly about are:  (Circle all that apply)

Environment, Discipleship, Violence, Education, Economic, Health Care, Abortion, Church, Child care, AIDS, Injustice, Addictions, Reaching the lost, Poverty, Hunger, Homosexuality, Politics, Racism, International, Technology, Family, Literacy, Other_______________________________________

8.       The following exercise may help you uncover a theme from your experience which will give you insight into your Passion.

List the top five to seven positive experiences you’ve had in your life and briefly describe what you did and why it was meaningful to you.

These experiences may have taken place at home, work, school, or during your free time.  It may have been a clock you fixed or a dress you received.  It may have been helping some friends move, building a house, winning an election, or giving to someone in need.  Remember, these are experiences that you enjoyed doing and felt fulfilled.

Now read through what you have written and look for an underlying theme.  If one or two come to mind, write them in the space below.




9.       I think the area where I could make the most significant contribution is:



If you need more help in identifying you Passion, look for patterns in your answers.  For example, can you see any themes?  Does a particular age group keep coming up?  Is there a need that keeps surfacing?  Are you serving in a similar role in different areas?  Can you prioritize your concerns?


10.   Based on my answers to the above questions, I sense I have a Passion for:


Remember a statement of Passion is not easy for everyone.  Remember that this is just the beginning of the process of identifying and clarifying your Passion.  As you think, pray, and gain more ministry experience, your Passion will become more clear over time.

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